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Setting up a remote workplace in your business with Odoo

          Setting up a remote workplace in your business with Odoo:

          The new workplace concept has evolved and it revolves around a home-based workspace. So many people have been working from home and have a remote workstation set up in their homes. With the inception of the pandemic, work-life has been severely disrupted.

          When the employees have to work remotely, Odoo development can come to the rescue. Odoo comes with HR management and other similar modules. It not only includes all the pieces of information related to the employees of the organization but also comes with advanced HRM tools.

          These tools include project management, human resource management on advanced levels, payroll generation and standardization, etc. With Odoo in place, you can manage the employees effectively. With enhanced communication tools that help the employees and top managerial directives to stay connected round the clock.

          With the implementation of Odoo at the workspace, you can reap various benefits like:
              1. Communication in a real-time environment:
                      When it comes to collaboration within the teams, effective communication and teamwork play a             significant role. When you are down to consider specifications of the Odoo platform, access to the common database can connect the employees.
                      They can effectively exchange information within the company. With Odoo's inbox provision, the employees can communicate on various aspects of the project.
              2. Efficient project management:
                      When the employees are remotely based, it becomes necessary to manage the ongoing projects effectively. With the project management module in Odoo, the employees can lay out plans and execute them even while being remotely based.

                      The tool enables the users to locate the employees and assign tasks on the project through which they can track the progress. Through this tool, you can supervise the employees and monitor the progress they have made, on the respective project.

              3. Human Resource Management:
                      It is very important to manage the employees when they are remotely working. You need to track their presence as well as the shift timings and their management.

                      By using the attendance tool, you can efficiently manage and monitor the employee attendance of all the employees in the company.

              4. Appointment and meeting management:
                      As the pandemic set in, people started avoiding meeting people in person. The organizations have limited personal interactions. Instead, they believe in holding virtual meetings, conferences, and one-to-one conversations. 

                      In this situation, Odoo development services can help manage, maintain, and schedule their overall appointments. Meetings and conferences can also be managed firsthand by the users using an appointment module.

                      With an inbuilt calendar, the meetings can be scheduled along with day-to-day-based appointments. This way, virtual meetings can be held with clients and vendors to limit the entry into the physical premises of the company.

              5. Online marketing: 
                      Marketing is an inevitable part of any business since it is required to promote and endorse the business, products, and services. But with the virus outbreak, the marketing campaigns have faced the heat.

                      Public gathering and execution of physical marketing have almost come to a halt. But if businesses are using Odoo, they can manage the online marketing campaigns and promotions online.

                      With this platform, the employees and marketing managers can send out marketing emails, pop-up messages, and advertisements to the clients.

           With the onset of pandemics, the work culture has been affected the most. Companies are coming up with various tools which enable the employees to work effectively while being remotely based.            
          Setting up a remote workplace in your business with Odoo
          Upstackers Technologies
          25 May, 2021
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