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To effectively plan the day-to-day business functions, it is imperative to use the right technology. These days, ERP is responsible for handling almost all the business functions and operations in any business. With the implementation of ERP, most of the daily operations are automated.

This makes the employees focus on the bigger tasks that require their attention, inputs and efforts. With the odoo development and odoo implementation services a digital ERP solution, the consumption of time is reduced. To a large extent, automation of business functions increases productivity and efficiency.

Odoo is an open source platform ERP solution that offers customization of various business units to meet the business needs. Odoo is a one-stop shop for all the business modules like HRM, CRM, Financial management, project management and more.

Odoo Features: 

So what makes Odoo beneficial? Let us take a look at the features of Odoo which can prove to be a boon to the business:

Scalable architecture:

    Without worrying about the coding, you can accommodate all the expanding modules and departments in your organization. It is designed to meet all the changing requirements of a growing business.

Zero licensing costs:

    The expenditure for ERP is very high but Odoo offers a base ERP with no extra cost. This paves way for allotting a maximum budget for customization and implementation of Odoo.


    Customization offers to meet all the business requirements. A concept of a bespoke software provides you with unique features and benefits. This can prove to be an essential factor in helping your organization succeed in many ways. And Odoo development and implementation offers a lot of customization and flexibility which is the need of the hour.

Open Source Platform:

    Since Odoo is an open source platform, any Odoo developer or Odoo development services ​provider can provide his own code to offer customization. This customization saves a lot of expenditure to the businesses in the long run.

 Latest Technology:

    Odoo is a platform that never stops evolving. And that is why it keeps getting better and better. The Odoo developers always keep on adding the latest updates to the platform. Because of this, it provides maximum value and benefit to the businesses and organizations around the world.

Seamless integration:

    Odoo can be integrated with other ERP systems and modules which offers increased and improved efficiency. Also, you can integrate Odoo with e-Commerce stores which offers your business a competitive edge over others.

Robust and secured:

    With Odoo implementation, you can have a platform which cannot be broken or hacked by hackers. Moreover, the data security, accuracy and consistency is maintained. This makes sure that all the business data and information is protected at all costs.

User-friendly in nature:

    Odoo platform is very easy when it comes to getting used to the platform. Along with good user experience, minimal to no odoo training is required to accustom the user of the platform.

Flexible platform:

    Odoo offers a massive collection of modules that suit various business functions, processes and requirements. And an organization can choose various modules as per their requirements. In addition to this, as the business grows and the requirements evolve, new modules can be introduced seamlessly.

Odoo studio for added customization:

    With Odoo studio, you can build your own module that satisfies the requirements only specific to your organization. Odoo development and implementation services can help you build a customized module or set of modules. You can also design reports that are easy to comprehend.

Odoo Development and Implementation:

    The way to successful business is to implement the right kind of Odoo implementation. And this is solely dependent on the type of Odoo services provider you choose to work with. Upstackers is known for its  Odoo development and implementation services

They have extensive experience in the field and have satisfied many business requirements till date. Once they develop and implement the modules and deploy it on the site, they make sure that the modules function smoothly.

The in-house Odoo developers at Upstackers also provide a lot of guidance and off-site assistance, should you run into any kind of troubles or bugs. Since the Odoo team at Upstackers has worked with varied clients and their requirements, their experience is considerable and reliable.

Odoo development and implementation is generally carried out with various steps.

Odoo Implementation includes following things:

        -        Odoo Hosting and Installation.
        -        Configuration of Odoo modules.
        -        Import and migration of the data

Then comes the Odoo analysis which includes pre-implementation analysis and analysis of various processes in the business. Once these two are analyzed, then they switch to the Time and Material model.

Odoo Development happens with:

        -        Project management

As all of this is accomplished successfully without hiccups, the next step is Odoo testing and documentation. With documentation, the developers curate a manual for the users who are supposed to use the system.

Then comes the normal operation support. Within the operation support, the employees of the organization are trained to use the software for day to day purposes.

After all the steps mentioned previously, the bill for the provided services is generated. Here, the Odoo services provider offers the detailed bill of the broken down costs incurred during the development and implementation of Odoo modules.

Odoo Development and Implementation services at Upstackers:

Upstackers is an IT company, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat which offers various packages when it comes to  Odoo development and implementation services They offer comprehensive guidance and consultation to see which kind of modules and packages your business needs.

Moreover, they also have skilled and experienced Odoo developers who are capable to figure out the right development of the Odoo modules according to the client’s requirements.

Choose to expand your Odoo digital solutions using various Odoo modules. If you still can't seem to find the right module, you have the option of customizing your own modules. Such modules offer specificity to the business and its requirements. Let the Odoo Implementation and Development services team at Upstackers guide you in every way.

Upstackers Technologies 9 May, 2022
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