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Odoo Integration Services

As Odoo is open-source ERP software, it can help you to manage your business operations and functions effectively and efficiently. With its ability to integrate with the third-party software applications, it gives you access to a full range of business applications that help you manage your functions including sales, accounting, HRM and Inventory management among others. It gives you perfect access to all the business operations through a centralized access point.

Why do you require Odoo Integration?

Odoo integration helps you achieve the goal of managing the business from all the angles and perspectives. Specifically, Odoo integration proves to be helpful in areas of business such as materials, warehouse, accounting, shipping, finance management, customer relationship management and more. As Odoo can be used to integrate all the mentioned departments or can be used as a standalone application, it encompasses every business function and operation on just one platform. This kind of access helps you cut down on time and business expenditures. With innumerable business modules available with Odoo implementation, you can customize every module according to your requirements.

Advantages of Odoo Integration

Odoo is modular hence it comes with certain modules included when you begin using it. The best feature of Odoo is, it is a scalable system and you can add modules as your business grows. It is well equipped to meet your growing needs. Upstackers specialize in Odoo integration, migration and implementation. Hence, you can avail our services as and when the need arises Odoo always stays updated and upgraded with new versions. You can migrate your existing version of Odoo without losing all your business data. Our Upstackers team is a master at seamless Odoo migration. The versatility of Odoo is the reason why businesses prefer to use it. The Odoo customization and its scalability is its biggest asset that can help any business to effortlessly include new modules and integrate them with the existing ones. An intuitive and easy to understand user interface makes it very user friendly. With its continuous updates being developed, Odoo’s usability keeps getting better. Any new changes that roll out, also roll out in your system seamlessly.

Why do you require Odoo Integration?

OWith Odoo's extremely adaptable and versatile nature while integrating with thousands of applications, other apps can also be integrated such as

Odoo Ecommerce Integration : This integration includes Shopify Odoo integration, Amazon Odoo Integration, Walmart Odoo Integration and Chewy Odoo Integration.

Why choose Upstackers for Odoo Integration?

Our team at Upstackers can handle Odoo integration expertly. They can help you streamline your business processes and functions irrelevant of what kind of business it is. We offer cost-effective solutions that don't burn a large hole in your wallet.

Odoo Migration

Odoo was developed to be an open source platform and last month a lot of new features were released. If you have plans to implement Odoo, then implementing the latest version of the Odoo roll out is a rational decision. Odoo is the most versatile and robust open source available in the market.

If you need to migrate your Odoo to Odoo’s latest version, you need to acquire the information regarding the current situation before you begin migration process.

Who needs Odoo 13 Migration

Anyone can choose to migrate to Odoo 13 platform from any version they are currently using. If you are using version 10 or below that, it is advisable to migrate your system to the latest version, that is Odoo 13. Odoo 10 was based on Python 2.7, Odoo 13 was built upon Python 3.6 and higher keeping in mind the technological advancements that the software has to offer.

Odoo 13 has user-friendly UI, Better features; optimized performances are some of the features to begin with. Odoo 13 is accurately optimized for the user specifically in terms of managing inventory and stock. The multiple table dependencies of many fields offer reduced work load. It also offers better tracking options for various business operations.

Different scenarios of Odoo 13 Migration

There are three cases to be considered while taking Odoo migration into consideration.

Moving from a different platform to Odoo : In this type of change, we do a system analysis to assess the existing features in the system. And then we migrate the system to new features that were absent initially. Server migration without changing the version : This includes the movement of the data from one server system to another without changing the version. Upgrading to a new version of Odoo : Here, the user needs latest version of Odoo for his system.

Different types of Migration

There are always two possibilities in Odoo Migration :

Static Migration Dynamic Migration

Static Migration This type of migration would require shifting the static data, which is not dependent on other data. For instance, catalog data that has attributes like products, product category, etc. This type of migration is conducted when you want to have a clear platform to have the latest Odoo version.

Dynamic Migration This process involves moving all the data that is static and dynamic in nature. Dynamic data involves the kind of data that is derived from some functions in the system like invoices, billing system, accounting etc. This migration is a little difficult process as it requires us to consider the flow of the data through the system and its modules.

Different stages of Odoo Migration

The Odoo migration is carried out in various stages. It starts with testing the existing system, running a data backing up process along with other checks that are conducted. This helps in saving time and running into bugs and errors. The exact process varies from system to system and client to client. But generally the process is conducted as follows :

Migration of Modules The first thing you implement is to migrate all your modules to the Odoo version you are planning to implement. There are following modules :
Core modules : These are default modules that Odoo has provided.
Third party modules : These are the modules that are purchased from third party and are often customized modules. These customized modules are developed for meeting specific requirements.

Our Advice

Even if you are vacillating between the decisions of whether you need an Odoo migration or not, you can always come to Upstackers to have guidance for the decision. Upstackers have an expert team that deals with all kinds of Odoo Migrations and can offer helpful assistance after analyzing your system and your business requirements.

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